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“Restore” retreats offer a refuge and temporary withdrawal from reality to facilitate personal restoration. With unique tools, activities and community, we help you restore purpose, passion and above all, peace.



Join us for our next retreat:

Be Still

A Retreat For Mothers Looking for Faith-Based Solutions to Real-Life Burdens.

October 10-12, 2024

Do your kids struggle with mental health, identity questions, and lack of self esteem?

These issues are more common than ever before. 

We'll help you champion your kids through their struggles,

while navigating your own.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend that will give you experiences, inspiration and community to help you in your desire to parent with more faith and less fear. We can't take away the challenges of raising kids in today's world, but we will do what we can to help you find peace amid the chaos. You'll return home ready to take on your life with newfound perspective, shiny new tools in your toolbelt, and an epic story or two that just might be passed down for generations.

Upcoming Retreat:

Happily Hitched

Couples Retreat

February 14-15, 2025 That's right. Valentine's weekend!!

Registration Coming Soon...

Anyone who says marriage is never-ending bliss is lying.

A fulfilling marriage takes effort, compromise, and intentional action. With a perfect mix of fun adventures, amazing food, interactive workshops and a focus on strengthening relationships, this will be a weekend to remember! Come with an open mind and the goal of meaningful connection and we will take care of the rest. 

What will you experience at Restore Retreats?
Girl Power


Life is hard, but it's better when you're surrounded by the right people. Those who attend "Restore" are ready to cheer each other on, encourage growth, and laugh together. We leave our masks at home and come as we are: imperfect, honest and eager to make the most out of life with a bit of grit, tenacity, and many tempting treats!


Fun and Adventure

What's a getaway without some adventure? When you're with us, your only task is to have more fun than you planned on! With choices including ATV rides, skeet shooting, hiking, horse-back riding, biking, tons of indoor games, cold plunges and soaking in a hot tub, we've got options for everyone. Yes, even you!


Practical Tools

Inspiring workshops and conversations are powerful, but without practical ways to implement change, they can also be fleeting. We thrive on giving you results-focused frameworks that will give you the momentum and support you need to create real change in your life. You set the goal, we help you take the steps - even beyond the retreat.

Where are Restore retreats held?

Royal Creek Ranches is located 45 minutes southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Standing on over 1,100 acres in the Stansbury Mountains, you will feel like you are worlds away from the stresses and influences of daily life. You'll enjoy fresh mountain air, star filled skies at night and picturesque views in the daylight. In every direction, you will be surrounded with beauty that brings peace and invites adventure.

You'll love the culinary staff! They'll pamper you with exquisite food options that cater to all preferences/diets.


Although nestled in rustic territory, your accommodations will be laced with luxury and comfort. We offer options for a private room, shared room, or group rate rooms, giving you sleeping options to fit your comfort level. 

Where isteretreat located
What will I experience?
The Women Behind Restore Retreats
April James

Wife, mother of 7, grandma to 6, nonprofit Executive Director, and lifelong entrepreneur, April has gained valuable insights on how to manage stress in an exceptionally busy life. Over the years, she has grown in her passion to share her many experiences, life lessons and strategies for self improvement with business owners, entrepreneurs and women's groups across the US. She thrives on helping others find new perspectives and new success in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through public speaking, mentoring and her innovative coaching programs.

Learn More About April
Heather Jo Kennedy

As a certified professional life coach, Heather helps individuals and groups find both clarity and sustainable motivation. She is a business owner, author, artist and speaker with hobbies all over the board--not to mention a mother of four and wife of 22 years. And she does it all without coffee! Through personal experiences, training and her coaching, she has developed systems for tackling discouragement and apprehension. The best strategy is the focal point of her presentations—establishing and nurturing your three most important relationships. 

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