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April empowers the busy and burdened to experience more peace in chaos, more strength in adversity, and more joy in the mundane by implementing practical practices and altering perspectives. 

From a young age, I have been faced with situations that have taught me life's most valuable lessons. My parents divorced when I was a baby. The youngest of 4 at the time, I was very loved and well cared for. At age 5, I suddenly became the caboose in a train that was very full and busy. As the youngest of 10 kids in a blended family, I found myself often being a spectator as the drama, chaos, and business of life swirled around me, learning as I watched life unfold for my family and friends. I was schooled early in the most difficult lessons, and as I grew, so did my experiences in disappointment and struggle. Somehow, I was blessed to always find a way to learn, grow, and overcome. It has become a pattern that has given me the ability to lead with compassion, teach with confidence, and share with transparency and vulnerability. I believe we all have it within us to be overcomers. We all have it within our reach to feel strength through tribulation. We were born to have joy and I have made it a quest to achieve that, no matter the circumstances surrounding us. I've learned how to face trials with optimism and faith. I bring a lifetime of learning to the stage and provide an experience that is entertaining, relatable, and real. Reach out and let's talk about your next event and how I can help you make it something to remember! 

How To Train Your Hamsters

This talk helps busy people find more peace and joy in their often overwhelming lives by giving them practical action steps, powerful perspective shifts and an empowered outlook to gain more control of their schedules, more peace in the chaos, and more success in what matters most to them.  

As a wife and mother of 7, Grandma to 6 littles, business owner, and executive director of a thriving non-profit, I know what it is like to be busy! It often feels like our lives are like a cage full of hamsters all scrambling about with no order. I have learned impactful ways to train the "hamsters" in your life so that you can feel empowered and fulfilled despite a full schedule. It's not about "balance" but rather about alignment. When we are aligned with what matters most, those hamsters each get their time on the wheel and everything feels better. Let me empower your group to discover a new way of viewing their time and find more peace through my entertaining, yet practical and powerful presentation. This speech comes with an option for an ongoing course and/or workbook to help make a lasting result and implementation of the principles I share in my talk. Together, we can train even the rowdiest of hamsters! 

Beautiful Bricks

This talks empowers people to turn adversity and trials into a foundation of strength.

We all experience disappointment and adversity in our lives. I have experienced a long list of difficult experiences and circumstances that often cause deep emotional pain. In this powerful talk, I share how I have learned to take the heavy bricks we carry in our backpacks and turn them into a strong foundation for good in our lives. With actual practices you can implement in your life, I can help your group transform their mindset from feeling the full weight of trials, to feeling empowered by them. Together, we can find a higher ground and see the world in a better light. 

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