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Personal Mentoring

From the time I was as young as 6 years old, I have felt a desire to be a support and a helper in the lives of those around me. As I have experienced much in life, I've also been able to learn valuable lessons and develop skills to help cope with challenges and take on big goals. 

Now that I've climbed so many mountains in my own life, I'm passionate about helping others to tackle the big things they are facing in their lives.

I can help you pinpoint what's holding you back, and then help you create a plan to develop and implement skills that will change the way you face life's challenges. Using faith-based principles and practices, I can help you find more peace, and gain more confidence in the things that matter most. 

Business Mentoring

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was only 8 years old! Selling hand-painted dishtowels to my neighbors opened my eyes to the exciting world of creating, marketing, and working hard in exchange for money.

Over the years I've created, owned and operated multiple businesses. As a decorative painter and interior decorator, I developed skills and working knowledge about marketing in the service based business world. I have had varied experiences working with high-end clients as well as budget bound homemakers. In my most recent years I have become passionate about brick and mortar entrepreneurs as well as handmade and creative makers involved with vendor sales.


Together with a business partner. I have had the pleasure of being a creative coach to other retail store owners across the US and Canada in my own Mastermind. In our weekly conference calls we would discuss the in's and out's of owning, operating, and enjoying the retail experience. I have led workshops teaching hundreds of individuals and have a passion for helping the self-employed discover and explore their WHY.

As a small business owner, sometimes what we need most is someone who has "been there" to be a sounding board and an accountability partner that will hold us to the promises we make ourselves. I get you, I know the burdens you carry. Let me help you find your focus and make things happen. 

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