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About April

I live in small town Mapleton, Utah with my charming husband, dog and 8 chickens. I am a proud mother of five daughters and two step-sons who have all grown up to be amazing human beings. I adore my six grandchildren and love to spend as much time with them as possible! I love being a "sprinkles in the pancakes" and "snuggles on the sofa" kind of grandma! Growing up the youngest of ten kids, I learned at a young age the value of compromise, the need for compassion and the importance of family. 


With God at my side, I have experienced the lowest valleys and the highest mountaintops, learning how to dig deep and rely on my faith to get me through it all. I have seen many miracles as I have worked to overcome, and embrace my trials. I have had to tackle many mighty mountains and have helped others do the same. These mountains had many names such as drug and alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, pornography, mental illness, depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, grief, divorce, and more. As I have navigated these difficult circumstances, I have learned how to adapt and overcome. Even better, I've learned the secret on how to thrive through such challenges. I have found for myself that even the impossible is possible with Jesus as my guide. In my own journey to find more joy in life, I have discovered the strength and power that can only come when called on to carry the heavy burdens life hands us. In that discovery, I have made it a passion of mine to share what I've learned and help others find their own path to peace. 

In my never-ending quest to be a fearless entrepreneur, I found success in interior decoration and decorative painting and finishing while raising my children. From 2014-2019 I took those passions and opened my own retail store selling vintage and antique home décor, furniture and the best decorative painting supplies in the market. I taught hundreds of women, men and even children to tap into their creative side as we painted, crafted and created together. As I became a respected leader in that industry, I found great joy as my global following looked to me for my passion, creativity and inspiration. Together with a business partner, I helped small business owners from across the US and Canada find more balance and focus in a small business mastermind group that I created. I hosted retreats for business and creative minded groups and found a great love for teaching, speaking and mentoring in many different ways. After deciding to close my retail store, I continued my passion for mentoring others by coaching individuals through various challenges in their lives. 


In January of 2021 I set aside all of my business endeavors moved away to be the full time caregiver of my sweet mother as we navigated the last year of her life. During that time, I again had many life changing lessons and gained new perspectives that forever changed me. While my mom's condition worsened, I stepped up to help with her non-profit that she had spent the previous 16 years of her life building. After the passing of my dear friend and mother, I am now the Executive Director of that non-profit, Hearts Knit Together. I have the gift and privilege of carrying on her legacy as I help to expand our reach and help individuals in our state who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and who are refugees finding their new home in our beautiful state. I travel throughout the state of Utah sharing our mission and the amazing story of my mom and those who started this selfless work. 


Over the years, I have grown in my passion to share my many experiences, life lessons and strategies for self improvement with business owners, entrepreneurs and women's groups across the US. With public speaking, mentoring and my progress-driven coaching programs, I thrive on helping others find new perspectives and new success in physical, emotional and spiritual health and wealth. 


While my journey hasn't been an easy one, I feel honored to be known for my optimism, creativity, and grit. I love deeply, cry easily, and live honestly. 

What I'm Passionate About:
  • Finding hope in difficult situations

  • Finding focus in small business 

  • Facing relationship difficulties

  • Working through life transitions

  • Difficulties with self-esteem

  • Parenting challenges

  • Parenting children with mental illness

  • Facing Illness with optimism

  • Pivoting in small business

  • Strengthening faith 

  • Strategies for overwhelm

  • Stress management

  • Finding "balance" in life

  • Finding Joy again when life has become dark

  • Improving spirituality

  • Dealing with un-met expectations

  • Navigating feelings with LGBT children

  • Working through grief and loss

  • Diversifying income opportunities

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