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On a Walk

Be Still

October 10-12, 2024 in Rush Valley, Utah

Behind every strong mother there's often a tear-soaked pillow.

At "Be Still" we will help you tap into the stillness offered by heaven, and the incredible strength within yourself to help you face the difficult challenges of parenting in today's world. We'll help you sharpen your saw and recharge your battery with gospel-led instruction, fun adventures and resources to help you implement meaningful change in your life. Mothers are superheroes, but every hero needs to launder their cape once in a while.

At "Be Still" we'll do just that. We'll RESTORE your tissue-box to full.

What's included in my weekend?

  •  At Restore Retreats, we invest in you. In order to make the most of your experience, you're welcome to join monthly webinars leading up to the retreat PLUS you'll receive your choice of two complimentary coaching or training sessions as follow-up. We also offer discounts on your next retreat and on extended sessions, but promise not to spam or pressure you. We're cool like that. ($350 value) 

  • Premium Accommodations: Enjoy three days and two nights at  the elite Royal Creek Ranches in Rush Valley, Utah. (Value $750)

  • RCR Rural Utah Experience: Pick your adventures! Choices include:

    • ATV rides​​

    • mountain biking

    • hiking

    • skeet shooting

    • horseback riding

    • and more! (Value $400)

  • Meals and Snacks: Catered by one of Utah's top catering professionals, you'll be treated to five full-course meals, plus drinks and endless snacks from arrival to departure. We accommodate all diets! ($200 value)

  • Interactive Workshops: At "Be Still" the focus is personal growth and peace with hands-on and personalized approaches. Each day will feature break-out sessions where you can choose your focus, then we'll gather for full-group presentations for some uplift. We'll foster both fun moments of connection and quiet moments to dig deep within yourself. It will be a full schedule with just the right mix of insight, connection and fun, preparing you to return to your life feeling RESTORED. ($500 value). Workshop opportunities include: 

    • ​How to Train Your Hamsters: Your Guide to Peace Amid Chaos. Workbook included. 

    • Your Three Key Relationships: finding and maintaining them. 

  • Rest and Relaxation: Enjoy down time in nature, soak in the hot tub,  or cozy up by the fireplace. Beat your bestie (or your personal best) in our game room, enjoy snacks at the ready. With everything taken care of for you, you'll find a whole new level of R&R at Restore Retreats' "Be Still". Each day will include strategic free time for calling home, taking care of business, being alone, or relaxing with a group. (Immeasurable value)​

The Women Behind "Be Still"
April James

Wife, mother of 7, grandma to 6, nonprofit Executive Director, and lifelong entrepreneur, April has gained valuable insights on how to manage stress in an exceptionally busy life. Over the years, she has grown in her passion to share her many experiences, life lessons and strategies for self improvement with business owners, entrepreneurs and women's groups across the US. She thrives on helping others find new perspectives and new success in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through public speaking, mentoring and her innovative coaching programs.

Learn More About April
Heather Jo Kennedy

As a certified professional life coach, Heather helps individuals and groups find both clarity and sustainable motivation. She is a business owner, author, artist and speaker with hobbies all over the board, not to mention a mother of four and wife of 22 years. And she does it all without coffee! Through personal experiences, training and her coaching, she has developed systems for tackling discouragement and apprehension. The best trick is a focal point in her presentations—establishing and nurturing your three most important relationships. 

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