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I LOVE coaching women!

It's my passion to help ordinary women learn that they are capable of extraordinary things!

(And, help them make it happen!!) 

I often find that most women struggle with understanding who they are, which is why I created the Mantras that Matter Mini Course! 


However, I think there is ONE

other thing that holds more women back than almost anything else! 

Can you guess what it is? 


Time management, scheduling, time blocking, finding time for the most important things, finding time to finish your to-do list, and finding time to take care of yourself so you don't go crazy!! There just doesn't seem to be enough time for all of it. 

So many women feel like their schedule is out of control. We're are running around doing 1,000 things a day (mostly for everyone else) and then we go to bed at night feeling like we got NOTHING accomplished. 

So how do we fix it? There are SO many things we HAVE to do in a day, how do we get time for everything else? 


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How to Train Your Hamsters

A faith-based course all about taking control, living in harmony,

and finding peace in your daily activities.  


"Immediately you know she is down to earth, non judgmental and kind. You just like talking to her!! She has been through some tough stuff, yet it has only seemed to have made her stronger and more compassionate. She doesn't hesitate to be supportive of anyone and everyone else, to share her strong faith, and bless others with her creativity. Yep, pretty awesome!"

- Merilee F.

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"I think she is generally awesome, but has helped me with multiple decorating projects that have always turned out amazing! She has been willing to help bring to life any idea Caitlin and I come up with. One of, if not the most, creative and talented people I know. And truly an all around wonderful person! As are her daughters!"

- Jessica D. 


"The most powerful thing she ever said to me: we all have trials and hardships in our lives. These are like bricks being handed to us. We each have to make a choice. Will we carry those bricks alone and let them weigh us down or will we accept the help, love and support of others and use them to build a platform to stand on?"

- Liz J. 

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"I have worked with April for quite a while now and I am in awe of her creativity and organizational skills! She has extensive talents in design, interior decorating, and organizing incredible retreats.. as well as just about any DIY project you can imagine. But those are just to name a few of the jewels in her crown. In my opinion, what shines even brighter is her heart, her love for God and her family, her genuine compassion and sensitivity, her honor, and her integrity. I am grateful and proud to call her my colleague, and especially, my friend." 

- Shari D.

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"April's coaching was a blessing for me! She is so invested in each person that she coaches. She genuinely cares!  She listens so well and really formulates a program to benefit you, the individual. She is wise beyond her years. She is caring and compassionate. Her teachings go beyond the moment! As I look at my actions and the situations I find myself in, her words and teachings come to my mind and inspire me even more than the first time she shared them."

- Joyce B. 

Are you ready to take control of your life, your schedule, your priorities, and your dreams? 

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