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How To Train Your Hamsters

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What Do I Get?

  • A Faith based approach to time management

  • ​ 10 modules of tips, steps, and activities to really help you take control of your life and your schedule. 

  • ​Go at your own pace, at your own level, and what feels best for you.

  • Lessons, Worksheets, and Journaling activities sent to you in a super cute spiral bound book that you get to keep forever!

  • ​Time tracker for the ultimate schedule audit

  • ​A new perspective on your to-do list, your time, and your life! 

What's It All About? 

  • Finding peace with your schedule

  • Balancing your to-do with your priorities 

  • ​Deepening your connection with God & understanding of your eternal worth 

  • ​Living in alignment with what is most important 

  • ​Tracking your time - find out where it all goes! 

  • ​Learning to outsource and value your time 

  • ​Creating manageable, but lasting changes in your life! ​

  • ​Unlocking the keys to focus and clarity

  • ​Finding the time, motivation, and skills to live the life you want and get things done! 

Upon purchasing your course, you will receive a receipt email, and your course book will ship within 1-2 weeks (US only). 
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