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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello! My Name Is April

Updated: April 1, 2019

I'm walking into a room filled with people and stop hesitantly at the table positioned by the door. You know, the table with the permanent markers and the "Hello, My Name Is" stickers. I write my name, and then take a second look because I'm pretty sure I spelled it wrong.

Is that really what my name looks like? I spell it again in my head, forgetting not to mouth the letters as I do. APRIL, yup, that's me. I try to find the right place to stick the sticker...placement is everything when it comes to name stickers. People will be looking at it all evening and the wrong placement could just be embarrassing. I decide on a high left placement, just below where my hair falls, but not low enough that it's awkward. My larger lady friends will totally know what I'm talking about.

And so it begins. Here I am, with my name on my chest for all to see. I hope that all of my new friends will see past the name, my awkward handwriting, and the placement of choice. I'd love to add a short video screen next to my name so that when people look at my name they really see me. On the screen would show scenes of trials and triumph. They'd see the sweet faces of my husband, 5 daughters, 2 stepsons, 4 grandkids and everything that makes us a family, and everything that makes me who I am.

For me, this describes how I feel about starting this blog, launching my new website, and publishing my first podcast. I feel like I'm wearing a big red name tag and everyone is either staring at me, waiting for something impressive. Or, I fear, just the opposite-no one will even notice that I showed up. Either scenario makes me feel all sorts of feelings. None of which are super comfortable. But here I am. I showed up. I showed up with all my flaws, and all my insecurities, and all my inadequacies. But more importantly, I also brought with me all of my experiences, my life lessons, and my determination to use them for good. I'm sure I'll make mistakes, but I'm hoping the rest of what I bring to the party will overshadow them and that you'll take me as I am. I hadn't really planned on doing a podcast AND doing a blog, but I've had multiple people tell me that they can't seem to have time to listen to a podcast and they'd rather read a blog. I'll be writing much of what I talk about on my podcast so I can deliver my messages to whomever will listen or read! So here I go. I stand at the front of the room with the red velvet curtain close behind me and tap on the microphone to see if it's working.

Hello, My Name Is April. I'm a 47 year old wife, mother, step-mom, grandma, and daughter of God. I am the youngest of 10 kids in a combined family filled with just about every personality you can imagine. In my lifetime I have had experiences with, or been effected by divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, mental illness, obesity, self esteem issues, sexual abuse, abandonment and financial hardships. In this blog I hope to share the things I have learned as I have moved mountains of adversity and walked through the valleys of trials. I'll share the joys and the blessings that surround me daily as well as the feelings that echo in the chambers of my heart. I'm an artist, a dreamer and a do-er and I love using creativity to make the world around me a little more fun and a lot more colorful! Along with the things of my heart, I'll also share some of my projects from the past, present and hopefully the future! Thanks for coming, and thanks for listening. I'll do my best to make it worth your time!

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