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Morning Mantras that Matter

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Download Morning Mantras that Matter to learn: 

How you can discover who YOU really are

Learn about how God sees you

Why it's so easy to forget about our eternal worth

Having an eternal perspective

Looking inward to find truth

Living your life as a Daughter of God

How to write your own life-changing Mantras

+ BONUS templates to write your mantras and stick them around your house! 

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Do you wonder who you are? 

Like... REALLY are? 

Do you feel out of place, confused, or lost

Do you wonder what your value is? 

If you even matter at all

Do you wonder how God feels about you?

Do you want to find your place in all of this? 


If you do, trust me, I have been there too. 


It's hard to go through life comparing ourselves, feeling like we're never good enough, and questioning ourselves at every turn. 

Sooo... What do we do about it? 

How can we discover eternal truths about ourselves and our worth?

In my 1 on 1 Coaching Programs, I work to help women take control of their life, their schedule, and their time. I help them find time to do what they were meant for. However, I have learned that many women don't know what their true purpose is. As I wondered how I could help my clients find their purpose, I realized something... 

How can you know who you were meant to be if you don't even know who you are? 

Don't waste one more second of your time wondering who you are and what you're capable of. God's plan for you is waiting ... go out there and find it. 

- Love, April

Hello - I'm April James!


I'm a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and follower of Christ, and It's my mission in life to help ordinary women do extraordinary things. One of the things that I have become most passionate about over the years, is helping women find more peace and purpose by living intentionally every day.

I believe that with enough faith, determination, and grit, we can move ANY mountain that stands in our way. 

After spending many years of the the never ending hustle of being an entrepreneur, and then owning a retail store, I finally decided that I needed to re-focus my life on the things that I love the most: My family, my faith, and the ability to empower other women to move their own mountains. That's when I decided to create courses and coaching to empower women and guide them to find more peace and joy, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Fast forward to today, I am your go-to gal for personal mentoring, small business coaching, positivity, and helping YOU create the life you want.

Here's to moving mountains and living faithfully and intentionally every day!


"April James is one of the most genuinely compassionate powerhouses out there! She is deeply committed to helping

people be their best self. She has helped me personally to overcome fears about a new business project I am working on. She has coached and encouraged me to become better and put my best foot forward. Because of her mentorship, I have been able to overcome fears and hesitations of moving forward. She always builds me up and I always feel so loved when I am around her. She is a powerhouse! I've heard her speak to a group at a women's empowerment event and she captivated the room as she shared her story. She is so compassionate and truly wants the best for everyone. I absolutely love and admire her!"

- Marlisa R. 

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"Aside from the fact she is one of the most artistically talented people I’ve met over the years I have always been drawn in by her genuineness. She is probably the most authentic and accepting person I know. I appreciate her cheering me on and even taking time to check in on me when she didn’t even know how much I truly needed someone to connect with!! ❤️"

- Lori A.


"April was so great to work with! Talk about compassion for the hard-working, overwhelmed mom! She was always very personable and kind and I appreciated that."

- Marti G.

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step..."

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