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April James

I Help Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

I thrive on helping busy and overwhelmed men and women find more peace and joy in their lives. By sharing my life experiences and proven strategies, I can help your group find greater focus and fulfillment as they learn to focus on what matters most. Let's talk and book me to speak at your next event! 


Sometimes what we need most is someone who has "been there" to be a sounding board and accountability partner. I get you. I know the burdens that you carry. Let me help you find your focus and make things happen. I can help you find more peace and gain more confidence in the things that matter most.


Come listen and read as I share my own LIFE experiences and interview ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. Learn how to implement specific strategies to help you live more intentionally and faithfully everyday.


Often times we need just a little guidance, something to point us in the right direction. Let me guide you through courses that will help you become more efficient with your time, more content with your outcomes, and more successful in your endeavors.

LIFE 2500.jpg
My Meaning of LIFE

Experience has taught me that the true meaning of life is about

Living Intentionally and Faithfully Everyday=LIFE

As we become more intentional in how we are learning from and living life we become more fulfilled in all aspects of it.

About me

The youngest of 10 children

Mother to 5 daughters

Step-mom to 2 sons

Grandma to 6


Follower of Christ

Cheerleader of all

Professional Dreamer, Doer and Mountain Mover

Become a Mountain Mover

Personalized coaching to help you do extraordinary things

We all have times in our lives when we feel like we are standing in front of a trial as big as a mountain. We have been told that with the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains!

Together we can face your challenges,

no matter how big or small they are, and create a plan to move that mountain.

You are more powerful than you ever imagined. Let me help you become a Master Mountain Mover!


Gearing Up

One Time Session



3 week program



6 week program


Mountain Mover

12 week Mentoring


Online Courses

(Coming Soon!)

"April James is one of the most genuinely compassionate powerhouses out there! She is deeply committed to helping

people be their best self. She has helped me personally to

overcome fears about a new business project I am working on.

She has coached and encouraged me to become better and put my best foot forward. Because of her mentorship, I have been able to overcome fears and hesitations of moving forward. She always builds me up and I always feel so loved when I am around her. She is a powerhouse! I've heard her speak to a group at a women's empowerment event and she captivated the room as she shared her story. She is so compassionate and truly wants the best for everyone.

I absolutely love and admire her!"

Marlisa Rock- Entrepreneur/Life Coach

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